The future doesn't exist!

Worst conclusions

Worst conclusions about 35 + years of errors on BGA Rework Stations approaches / selling / buying. Pseudo-science & technologies Top – heater Nowadays “well-known, professional, Chinese manufacturers” use same copy / paste errors based in direct temperature transfer method. All, hot air, Black-IR, MWIR, Hybrid and so on techniques, use that world’s worst ever […]

Tg point

Tg point of PCB – the universal error in Rework Process. That error must / can be avoided. The Tg point, in the electronics assembly / soldering industry, represent the world’s worst ever practice approach. Nobody, but nobody, pay attention to some scientific, technological point of views. All “well-known, professionals, Chinese” manufacturers – money hungry […]

BGA / chip

BGA Rework Stations – BGA / Chip – top-heater – worst practice approach “well-known, professional, Chinese” use. Worst approach for heating of BGA / Chip. Convection / “Black-IR”, “Focused Light”. All “well-known”, “professional, Chinese manufacturers”, use only the worst approach to heat a BGA / Chip. They don’t know anything about science, materials technology, best […]


worst practice

Worst practice ever that all “well-known”, “professional” manufacturers are using to lies, cheat… to steal you. On above image you can clearly see worst practice aberrational, useless approach, popcorn BGA – energumens When we speak about the worst practice, we speak about all “well-known”, “professional” manufacturer’s worst practice that used to manufacture something that they […]