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Tg point

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BGA / chip

BGA Rework Station – BGA / Chip – top-heater – Direct Energy Transfer – DET® – probably the best practice ever approach. An almost perfect BGA Rework Process – software – Alpha control – ECO version, ± 1 °C – Top-Heater, ± 2 °C – Bottom-Heater. Above image are from early tests (early alpha versions […]



Best practice PCB / board policy. Temperatures, accuracies, elasticity, control, electromagnetic energy… and more… When we speak about best practice PCB / boards on BGA Rework Stations or Rework process, we need to know some important facts that we MUST respect. Below we’ll speak about materials, temperature, Tg – point, FR-*’s, VIAS, uniformity and more. […]