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The errors are the real problem that all “well-known”, “professional manufacturers”  have, is the fact that they use inappropriate technologies to heat a BGA. That inappropriate technologies that they use to heat a BGA (a highly delicate / complex process), are used with success in other applications like cook tops, rooms heating, pizza machines, popcorn machines, Santa Claus cousin. That technologies can’t be use in a high quality rework process. They need to understand that these technologies, the first thing that they MUST understand is that technologies, MUST DO NOT BE USED IN A BGA REWORK PROCESS, IN A BGA REWORK STATION.

But… For all “well-known”, “professional manufacturers”, technologies are not important. The only thing that is important for them is MONEY. In fact, they stool from the honest buyer pocket a huge amount of money with only fake / false promises, errors, aberrant logics, illogic invents, wrong / false / fake advices, the worst ever practice and so on. When a client claims the fact that can’t work with the BGA Rework Stations that they’ll buy, the answer is that the client must pay courses to work with that garbage, they say that is the client problem that doesn’t know working with that garbage.

In fact, with that errors’ garbage, nor God can do a job. This garbage is unusable in a highly qualified, highly specific, highly delicate, highly complex… Rework process.

On this website, I’ll analyze / review for you all pseudo technologies, all aberration, errors, all lings, all cheating’s, from best-practice, common sense, scientifically, technologically point of view, that “well-known”, “professional manufacturers” use to stole money for you, that are real professionals and MUST have known before want to buy such a garbage, so before intent to buy one, you need to be well-informed, you need to be well documented. If not… After that you buy one, you will cry on various forums for help. Will be worst.

BGA Rework Station best practice

Nowadays, all real professional manufacturers, doesn’t have importance from what field (software, energy, cloth, house… you name it), seems that play somehow with our brain.  If that is good or bad or are only errors… it is up to you. They, with his financial power, can employ any kind of studies about human buying behavior. From his studies, result that the best way to sell us something is… Create a brand, make this brand well-known for free, joint huge potential buyers together.

After all that, cut from free things and make it… paid things, and let some free things to maintain connected with the brand, the potential buyers, but… start to put at the potential buyer’s paid things. As I say above… It is up to you if that is good or bad, correct or incorrect, good policy or not good policy, errors… and so on.

What it is amazing / I wander… How that in a so highly specialized field, highly qualified field in a MUST-have field, not exist even one, even holly one manufacturer that put at our disposition a must-have tool for our necessities. This hole in the market’s errors is a huge possibility / opportunity for everybody to take under control the quality, science, technology, best practice and offer on a must-have market, a Real Professional BGA Rework Stations.

 Refurbishment / chip shortage motto… At the time that I wrote this paragraph, I take a look on the Finetech garbage manufacturer to see a last minute change on his policy. It has a client that probably bought from Finetech one or many, Popcorn Machine, Pizza Machine or Santa Claus cousin. From what they (BMK-group /a German company!) affirm that they are professionals. Tons of chips, tons of repair and so on with Finetech “BGA Rework Stations” errors. I’ll never… ever mount on a board… A BGA Chip recovered with that garbage that exist nowadays in the market. With garbage that are nowadays in the market, instead of extend / prolonging a chip’s life, you’ll short his life.

After that you tortured that chip with 350 °C – 400 °C, that chip with hot air (if survive…) will break net day, next week, next year… That policy, it is the worst ever policy on the money hungry companies that are willing to step above dead bodies, above all errors to make money.

BGA Rework Station thief
BGA Rework Station thief 1

PDR-Rework – 591 – 4,500, Kurtz-ERSA – 2,300 – 14,500, Finetech – 2,220 – 16,900, ATCO-US – 300 – 4500. Total – 35,900 X $10,000 each = $359,000,000. I’ll explain for you… Only 4 “well-known, professional manufacturers” analyzed from pessimistic point of view, on past selling unites of the garbage that manufacture “BGA Rework Stations”. PDR-Rework are the only that claim 4,500 piece of “BGA Rework Stations” garbage that sell. Let’s approximate some therms, some errors…

PDR-Rework have 591 followers on YouTube. KURTZ-ERSA have 2,300 followers on YouTube. Finetech have 2,200 followers on YouTube. Let’s extrapolate the numbers, the errors (from theoretical point of view). ATCO-US claim, 4500 pcs. PDR-Rework / 591 – followers – 4,500 garbage pcs sold. KURTZ-ERSA / 2,300 – followers – 16,900 garbage pcs sold. Finetech / 2,200 followers – 16,900 garbage pcs sold.

Total sold from that four garbage manufacturers – about 42,000 garbage pcs “BGA Rework Stations” sold until now. For me, it is a low number, personally I think that in the world are more than 100,000 pcs of garbage errors sold.

BGA Rework Stations were sold with $10,000 every pcs. That give a total of $420,000,000 that the world spend in experiments to nowhere. But only for a moment we think that I’m right and that “well-known, professionals, Chinese” manufacturers, all of them… Sold 100,000 pcs. At only $10,000 on pcs. That give $1,000,000,000 that the electronics part of the humanity spend from his packets on inutile experiments, on world’s worst ever errors, to transform the pizza, popcorn machines, Santa Claus cousin and some barbecue machine in… Professional BGA Rework Stations.

What I’ll can’t understand is not the $1,000,000,000 that was spending in the world in that garbage’s errors. What I’ll really don’t understand is how it is possible that from that 100,000 persons / professionals / specialists and so on… none comment in public about the world’s worst ever approach on “BGA Rework Stations” on this planet!!! The only valid answer, that I’ll found, is the… ignorance.

Future more, what it is truly incredible is that from 8,000,000 persons on this wonderful planet, only one man… take into consideration all aberrations / errors that all “well-known, professional, Chinese manufacturers” make on BGA Rework Stations. It is unbelievable what amount of money was used in a wrong way to develop and buy that aberrational pseudo-science, pseudo technologies. On the same path… it is fabulous what little amount of money cost me (compared with them) to research and develop a true Professional BGA Rework Stations based on science, technology, best practice, common sense.